Farm Manage­ment Solutions

Manage Your Entire Farming Operation

Highland Hub organizes every aspect of your farming operation, allowing you to study the past, see the present and plan for the future. Turn your food safety program and all record keeping virtual, while monitoring critical control points, crop protection usages and input costs.

  • Create customized records and manage SOPs for third party, regulatory and customer requirements.
  • Record crop protection and fertilizer usage, track cost, monitor REIs and PHIs.
  • Create custom scouting reports, detailing findings in the field, then pair with lab results, soil probes and weather stations to make accurate, timely decisions.
Create Customized Records
Record Crop Protection Usage
Create Custom Scouting Reports
Manage mapping and data by land area, blocks, crops & varieties
Track & input crop protection from the nursery to the farm.
Track & store yoru food safety, & other regulatory logs and SOPS.

Your entire operation in the palms of your hands.

Complete Farm Management
Farm Details

Map and record planted crops, varieties and plant dates for each field. Create customized maps detailing locations of water sources, structures and much more. Quickly see fields with active REIs and/or PHIs for easy decision making.


Crop IQ contains a chemical database, complete with REls, PHls, EPA numbers, active ingredients, labels, and SDS sheets to help manage your operation. Track input cost associated with each field, then create custom reports such as Restricted Use and Cost Analysis reports.

Food Safety

Create and manage your operation’s food safety plan. Complete records in the field or packing house using a mobile device and receive real time notifications. Manage internal audits, corrective actions and suppliers with this user-friendly system.


Receive detailed, GPS located lab results in as little as 24 hours. Compare results each week and season to understand how growing areas and varieties are performing. Receive support and recommendations for our grower services team.

Weather Stations + Soil Probes

From Soil Moisture and Salinity Probes to Weather Stations, our advanced hardware translates your crops’ needs into a language you can understand, delivering you up-to-the-minute readings and diagnostics through the Highland Hub. Track temperature, rainfall, wind speed and humidity using the custom designed Highland Weather Station.


Get To Know Your Crops

From The Ground Up

Before you begin planting, we want to learn more about the soil. Our Grower Services team is available 24/7 to investigate soil properties and characteristics. Let us help you determine the areas of your farm that are nutrient deficient and offer a detailed plan to address these deficiencies.

Scouting & Consulting

We understand the value of having highly trained personnel in your field to quickly identify issues and provide you feedback. Our scouts receive training in a number of agricultural disciplines and can provide assistance with problems encountered in your fields. From identifying disease and insect pests, to sampling for plant nutrition, our team can detect, monitor, and provide management recommendations specific to your crop and your land.

Scouting Reports

Scouting Reports

Allow our scouts to monitor your fields, then receive customized, detailed reports right to your desktop or mobile device. See GPS tagged locations with findings, severity level and recommendations on how to treat the issues found. Use these reports to create a detailed history of your farm each season. Our grower services team can help you make timely decisions, allowing your crop to reach it’s full potential.

About Highland Precision Ag

Highland Precision Ag, LLC

Highland Precision Ag provides solutions and assistance in every aspect of farming operations. Our online farm management system, Highland Hub, enables growers to create, track, store and distribute records for food safety, reducing paperwork and completing audits with more accuracy. Growers can also view lab results, create work orders for crop protection and fertilizer applications, track inventory and manage their costs. Our scouts and agronomists identify issues, analyze data necessary and provide recommendations specific to your crop and land. Coupled with a nationwide lab presence, HPA is a unique source of data from soil to sale.

Our Mission

Highland Precision Ag is dedicated to improving farming operations with a secure software system and on-site growers services.

About Us

Highland Precision Ag was established in 2016 when owner, Steve Maxwell realized growers were drowning in paperwork and losing valuable time sorting it out. Steve formed a team of agronomists, crop advisors, researchers and software developers with backgrounds in agriculture to help develop a better system for growers. The Highland Hub software launched in 2017 and continues to grow with new applications, while our grower services team expands on the ground, helping growers make accurate and efficient decisions.

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